Mondays with Morie–Episode 4–Pompeii Exhibition

You know, when I can sit down and write the way I think, I find that the words are not difficult to put on paper (ok, that, of course, is wrong, because obviously, this is not paper and I’m not putting anything “down” any where.) So, I’ve found that writing these blogs about our little excursions to be rather difficult and stilted. So, forgive me if they bore you to tears. But, I’m trying and hoping to get better. Maybe this is why I received a “D” on my first college essay.

The St. Louis Science Center is the host for the Pompeii exhibition.

In 79 AD, the eruption of Mount Versuvius 5 miles east of Naples, completely destroyed the town of Pompeii. Buried in many feet of ashes, the daily life was preserved. Men, women and children were mumified and uncovered 1700 years later along with beautiful statutes and paintings.

I did not photograph the mummified remains as I found them to be rather disturbing knowing that each of these individuals were killed in the places they laid. A child’s partial skull was visible from the back of one of the mummified casts.


No science display would be complete without a roaring Tyranosaurus Rex.

St. Louis Louis Science center is connected to the James S. McDonnell Planetarium by a walkway over Highway 64. We walked across the highway but only spent a small amount of time there as I have never found astronomy to be very interesting.

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