Mondays with Morie–Episode 27–Stuck in the Middle with You

I’m sure there are many people like us who feel totally stuck. I feel that way much more than my husband  since he is deemed an essential worker and is still working four days a week. But he did get to do one of the things he enjoys most, going turkey hunting with his son.

I on the other hand, the highlight of my week is going to the grocery store and trying new things both in the kitchen and in the sewing room. I’ve baked bread (it left a lot to be desired) and made butter. Oh my goodness, was that butter good. I have to say it tasted a lot better than it looked!


I’ve sewn masks and scrub caps and have started on making memory bears from my late step-daughter’s shirts. It was really hard in the beginning to cut apart her shirts knowing that she’d never wear them again. It still hasn’t really sunk in the she’s gone forever.


Being “stuck” at home or reframing it, staying safe at home, does have some perks. It is actually the lazy person’s way of attending meetings, going to a class or just a getting together. I’ve been able to attend zia Zoom my monthly book club and my bi-weekly exercise class. There’s actually some perks to that, I only have to go to my living room and the class is cut from an hour to forty minutes. For lazy people, this works out well.

My grandson’s birthday was Saturday and lucky for him, his mom had the foresight to organize a birthday parade. He really enjoyed it and as people drove by honking their honks, they threw plastic balls, beach balls and shot Silly String at him.


I wanted to do something a little more special for him since I wasn’t able to be physically with him on his birthday so I made him a yard card and took it out early in the morning to put in his yard.


So to culminate our week of being stuck at home, my husband made a fire in our chiminea and we sat on the patio, him with his perpetual class of tea and me with a glass of wine. He made fun of me because he was outside in just a sweatshirt and I had on a heavy coat and gloves and was wrapped in a blanket. It was a relaxing evening to begin another week of being stuck at home. But there’s no one else I’d rather be stuck in the middle with.


As the country begins reopening, I’m hoping my husband and I can get back on track and begin enjoying visiting some of the long list of places that is on my “Mondays with Morie” list.

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