Mondays–Vol. 2 Episode 7–Eagle Watching

We are very fortunate here in the St. Louis area to be treated annually to the American Bald Eagle on their flight to—wherever it is they are going. I have spent many hours driving around the north end of our county which abuts the Mississippi River looking for eagles, watching eagles and photographing eagles. I’ve been very lucky in the past and have gotten some very interesting photos. So this last weekend, a girlfriend and I, who is also a photography enthusiast decided we would go eagle watching. She got to my house early and I told her I’d take her to all the spots along the Mississippi that I had been lucky enough to see eagles in the past.

We drove all throughout the north end of our county and didn’t see a single eagle. That was somewhat of a disappointment, but I knew that in the past, the eagles were most abundant when the river is partially frozen.

After striking out with the eagles, we decided to just have lunch at the Loading Dock on the banks of the Mississippi. It was a beautiful, sunny day and sitting in the restaurant with the sun streaming through the window, you could almost make believe it wasn’t a cold January day.

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