Mondays, Vol. 2 Episode 13–Sneak Peak

About two months ago, I began making a quilt for my son’s birthday. He’s going to be 33 this year, which is so hard to believe.   I spent 30 years as a police officer and retired nine years ago and he’s a police officer in a neighboring city. While my son was growing up, he never showed much interest in my job and even when he took a job as a corrections officer, he never voiced (at least to me) his wish to be a police officer. So, needless to say, when he announced that he was going to the police academy, I was somewhat surprised.

I thought I’d post a sneak preview of the quilt now since it will be almost a month until I give it to him.

I have help arranging the blocks from Momma Kitty


Cat wrapped in blanket
Even more help from Baby Kitty4

I could probably post the whole thing now because more than likely, none of my family or friends would see it. Most of them aren’t even aware that I write this blog or that I’ve had it for over five years. I don’t publicize it on Facebook. I feel that it’s easier to write for friends I’ve never met (and that’s how I feel about those who take time to read what I write) than for people I know personally.

I had a bad experience a couple months ago from something I posted on my Facebook page that made me rethink who my audience might be. Me being me, I posted something snarky about our new Vice President, knowing the majority of my friends are like-minded. I’m a Republican (not to be confused with a Trumpist) and someone close to me who is definitely left-wing, took offense to my post.  He is much younger than I am but we’ve never had a disagreement of any type. I’ve always thought we respected each other enough to overlook different points of view. But his reaction to what I considered just a little sarcastic jab, was one of the most hurtful things I’ve ever experienced.

He later apologized and said that he had been so upset by the Capitol uprising he looked for someone to take his anger out on and, unfortunately, that was me. Although he had previously “unfollowed” me on FB due to my radical (not really) right-wing views, on that day, he went looking for some reason to vent his anger.

I guess you can see why I’m a little reticent about sharing my thoughts and feeling to those that know me. There are always people who think it’s okay to  be a hater, but faceless unknown haters are much easier to accept (and delete.) Lol.

But, I digress (as usual). As I said, my son is an officer in a town about 20 miles west of me. It is very much an upcoming,  youthful, middle-class community whose citizens back and respect their police officers. This is such a comfort to me as the thought of having him be crucified as Darren Wilson was (who happens to be a graduate from my son’s alma mater) is almost as bad a thought as if my son was injured or worse.

But that being said, bad things happen everywhere:

Press Release

Wentzville, MO — Feb. 14, 2021 On Saturday, Feb. 13 at approximately 11:43 p.m. the Missouri State Highway Patrol attempted to stop a fleeing vehicle traveling south on Highway 61 that was approaching Wentzville and requested assistance. A Wentzville Police Officer responded to the area and observed the vehicle pursuit and a separate vehicle that appeared to be following the Highway Patrolman. That second vehicle following the Highway Patrolman then struck the Highway Patrol vehicle. That suspect vehicle and the Highway Patrolman’s vehicle came to a stop near Highway 61 and Timber Trace Drive. The original vehicle the Highway Patrolman was attempting to stop continued on and flee the area. The Wentzville Police Officer exited his vehicle and attempted to conduct a felony traffic stop when the suspect placed his vehicle in reverse and attempted to strike the officer, ultimately striking the Wentzville patrol vehicle. The Wentzville Police Officer was able to avoid being struck and discharged three shots and struck the suspect one time. The Wentzville Police Officer immediately took the suspect into custody and began to render first aid. The Wentzville Police Officer applied a tourniquet to the suspect, called for medics and he was transported to an area hospital with what appeared to be non life threatening injuries. The suspect is described as a black male 21 years of age.
The Wentzville Police Officer and the Trooper from the Missouri State Highway Patrol were not injured but were transported to an area hospital for evaluation by medics. The suspect is currently in the custody of the Missouri State Highway Patrol pending their charges.

This officer was my son. I had to take a deep breath and praise the Lord he came through this not only physically unharmed, but his department totally backed him.
In fact, Wednesday night, he and the Highway Patrol Trooper are being awarded the Distinguished Service Citation of Valor by his City. How awesome is that! I am bursting with pride.

**Thursday Update–Distinguished Service Medal**Now that you know what I’ve been up to, what’s the Great White Hunter been up to? He’s finally gotten out in the yard with his chain saw. If he can’t hunt or fish, the next best thing is a noisy chain saw.

Man using manual branch saw to cut tree limb
He’s happy now
Really Happy now
He’s really, really happy now

He is a super happy camper now.

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