Mondays–V2E26–Quilts at Caledonia

The last year was filled with missed opportunities. It is amazing how much I took for granted when everything was taken away. The Great Hunter and I were lucky. Neither he nor I contracted Covid. He was deemed an essential worker because he delivered auto parts. I guess because he had constant contact with people, we never isolated ourselves and took advantage of what little was available.

We went out to eat as soon as the restaurants opened up. We went on vacation to the Ozarks. We flew to Virginia. We had family dinners and celebrated holidays.

Thankfully, now, most of the horribleness of last year is over and we get to again enjoy some of the good things in life. Speaking of good things…Quilt Show!

My cohort in crime (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) and I attended my first quilt show in the little village of Caledonia in southern Washington County, Missouri. The population in 2010 was a whopping 160 people!

The Village of Caledonia has been recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior as a historical district and we have over 20 beautiful historic homes, businesses, churches and cemeteries to visit as you “step back in time”.

The quilt show was held in the gymnasium of the local high school and oh my, that gym was filled with beautiful quilts. Quilts that outshine mine 100%.

Once my cohort in crime and I had seen all we could, we decided to drive into “downtown” Caledonia for lunch. Unfortunately, the only restaurant had a 45-minute waiting list, so we opted for the next best thing…ice cream from the Mercantile. It was a real sacrifice but, it had to be done. And not only did the Mercantile serve the best ice cream, it was loaded with almost any kind of candy anyone could want.

I really enjoyed this quilt show and hopefully, in the not too distant future, my cohort in crime and I will be traveling to the Quilt Capital of the World, Hamilton, Missouri, home of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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