Graduation Day – Day Eleven

IMG_0813 smaller

Graduation Day! At least that’s what Dr. McFarland said when she took out my stitches. She said everything looked good with the exception that a small part of the incision on the top of my foot has separated which meant she had to use steri-strips to secure it. I was very leary about removing the sutures on my toes, but there weren’t as many as I thought there were and weren’t as painful. I still have no feeling on the top of my first toe. She said that was possibly caused by the fibroma which she removed. She said it was scar tissue that contained some small nerves. Now I need to keep my three toes strapped down to keep them from tilting upwards. I remember all those years ago when I had the condylectomy done (probably 20 years ago) I was supposed to have done that but stopped because it made my toe ache. Hmmm. Maybe I should have been more judicious back then. She said I can actually wash my foot. That will be wonderful. It means I can finally wash away some of the dried blood on my toenails. It will certainly make my pedicure look nicer. lol. I still have the problem with my baby toe that I decided not to have done. I swear that she had never talked to me about including that toe in my surgery and it sounded like something I didn’t need to have done. The pain I feel in my little toe is caused by corns and calluses that have formed all these years from that toe lying under the other toe. So now my option is to maybe have that toe done when I am healed. Maybe I can still squeeze that in before my cobra insurance runs out. Otherwise, it will cost me a lot more money upfront. I go back in four weeks, so we will see then.

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