Letting them Breathe – Week Eleven

IMG_5390 smaller

The healing process has progressed well over the last few weeks. I sometimes almost forget that I ever had the surgery, at least when I wear tennis shoes. I recently bought a new pair of gray New Balance tennis shoes, which happens to be the first pair of non-white or black tennis shoes I have ever owned. The day this picture was taken, my husband and I rode our Harley up to Cuivre River State Park in Troy, Missouri, just for a place to ride to. For some reason though, this day proved to be a very painful day. Both of my feet hurt, my third toe on my left foot and my peroneal tendonitis in my right foot. By the time we had gotten to the lake at the Park, I just had to get off the bike and take off my shoes to give my feet a breather. It did wonders. I still have no feeling in the tops of my first and second toe and most likely never will have. The fibroma she removed from the top of my foot contained nerves which probably were the nerves to these toes. I’m becoming somewhat accustomed to it now and am no longer afraid that if I leave my toes uncovered in bed that the covers will pull them off and I will lose them somewhere in the bed clothes. I haven’t had the nerve yet to get a professional pedicure because of the language barrier but I think I may try that sometime soon.

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