One Enchanted Evening – Week Seven

IMG_0923 smaller
My surgery was seven weeks ago tomorrow. I had a return doctor’s appointment this afternoon and she is pleased with my progress but said I needed to work on loosening up the scar tissue, taping the third toe so it turns inward and continuing to tape down the other two. I also have to do flexing exercises. My foot is feeling pretty good, not great and sometimes I still have problems with swelling. My husband and I went to the Muny Opera on Saturday night to see South Pacific. It was his birthday present to me. I had mentioned once in passing that I would love to go see it, and dear person that he is, remembered and ordered the tickets for me. He asked me where I wanted to go to dinner and as usual, my response was predicated on where I had a coupon for, and in this case, it was TGI Fridays. My husband laughs at me that I only want go out to eat when I have a coupon that saves me at least the cost of the tip. I just hate spending that much money on something that will only be flushed the next day. So, that’s how I make my choice in restaurants to patronize. After we ate dinner, we drove over to the Metro Link station in St. Louis County so we could take it down to the Forest Park stop. Metro Link tried to get St. Charles County to bring it across the river, but we voted it down; afraid that it would bring more crime to the area. It would have been nice if we hadn’t done that, we could have caught the train much closer to home and we probably wouldn’t have ended up being the only white faces on the train. When we got to the Forest Park stop, the Muny shuttle picked us up and deposited us at the entrance. Not a bad deal for $6.50 for me and $4.00 for my husband (he’s a senior citizen, which I like to remind (or rub it in) him. The worst part though, and I don’t have anything to compare it to, the Metropolitan Transit System who operates Metro Link, provides no bathroom facilities at any of its stops. When we got off the train to wait for the Muny shuttle, we had a half hour to spare, needing to use the restroom and all the open stores, of which there were very few, all had signs on the doors that read “no public restrooms”. We finally found a restaurant that had a bar, ordered a couple of sodas and each went to the bathroom and ended up getting the sodas for free. I made the mistake of wearing a pair of very flat sandals. Not only did my left foot start hurting me before we finally got to our seats, the ball of my right foot felt like it was on fire. By the time we got to the parking lot where we had parked our car, I could barely walk. So, lesson learned. No flat sandals for walking.

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