Back of the Bike, View from the Harley Seat

I’m still on a mission to be able to post my video “Back of the Bike, View from the Harley Seat” that I blogged about in my blog on YouTube. I read a post somewhere the other day about using Photobucket and at the time I didn’t even remember that I had a Photobucket account. I uploaded my video to Photobucket and started researching how to embed it in my blog. I read a post on the forum where “jessinjapan” posted about having trouble getting the video to play using the embed code provided by Photobucket.
Jessinjapan wanted to post a video using Photobucket’s embed code that begins with “<“embed width=”600…”>”. “justpi” responded to the post and instructed to change  the angle brackets jn the embed code to straight brackets: “[“gigya width=”600″…]. That fix seems to work. At least for now, the video is playing. Can you see me smiling?

Here’s the link to the video in Photobucket:

and on Vimeo:

John Denver Country Roads 1971 from Marsha Corley on Vimeo.

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