What I Learned about YouTube

The other day while at work, in an attempt to block out the incessantly repeated songs being played on the radio, I decided to plug in my earphones and find some music of my own. The first artist that came to mind, was, of course, my all time favorite, John Denver. I googled John Denver and found an album of his Greatest Hits on YouTube that played for forty minutes. I was in heaven. “Country Roads” is probably one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

John Denver Album
John Denver’s Greatest Hits Album cover

Now, I’m sorta a nerd and a dork and the other night I found out I am a biophiliac. (Sounds bad, but it only means I am a nature lover). “Country Roads” has always evoked in me feelings of beauty and peace and it is rare that I approach a country scene and not think of this song. My husband and I love to ride our motorcycle and our favorite route is through the beautiful rolling hills and farm land of Calhoun County, Illinois. I also love photography so I always take my old Canon along on the bike and take pictures while he drives (correct word?) the bike. A couple years ago, I put together a book of photographs taken on our rides and called it “Back of the Bike,  View from the Harley Seat”.

Back of the Bike front cover
Back of the Bike front cover

I blogged about this book in my other blog corleyfoto.wordpress.com . Here’s a link to the actual post:

I decided I wanted to use the photographs in this book and put them to music–John Denver’s music “Country Roads”. I did what I thought was the responsible thing and bought the song from Amazon. I then spent a couple hours using PowerPoint (I no longer have access to Adobe Premiere) putting these pictures into a slideshow. I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I figured out how to use PowerPoint and make a video in .wmv format and uploaded it to my YouTube account. What better way to enjoy my pictures than listening to John Denver while I do it? I had noticed many John Denver videos on YouTube, some which seemed official John Denver sights, but most appeared to be just like me, individuals uploading their projects.

john denver email4
Shortly after I uploaded the video, I got the red curse on my channel saying that I had used copyright music and it had been stripped from my video. I couldn’t understand that since I saw all the other John Denver videos, so I figured it was because I had neglected to put the name John Denver in my title. So I re-uploaded the video with the new title of “John Denver Country Roads 1971”.  Succcess! It was on my channel. Then when I opened my email, I got this message:

john denver email

Followed by this next email message:

john denver email2

My immediate thought was what good does it do to be on my channel if it is blocked? I went back to YouTube and my video was still there. To see if it would share, I shared it on my Facebook page. Yes, it appeared there too.  But this morning, in an effort to see what others saw I had a friend log into her account and on my feed, it showed the following message on my YouTube upload:

john denver email3
I have since removed the video from YouTube and my Facebook account. I certainly didn’t intend any copyright violation and foolishly thought if I purchased the song, I could use it for noncommercial purposes. I was obviously wrong. Oh yeah, and for whomever owns the picture of the John Denver Greatest Hits album cover, I just borrowed it . (I do have the album in the basement somewhere).

Turns out, unbeknownst to me, my video was shared on Google+, so here’s the link:


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