Shadow Selfie

Shadow SelfieWhat a gorgeous day yesterday was for the second week of November. Like a lot of people, we rushed out to take advantage of what just might be the last warm weekend for a long time, especially since we here in the St. Louis area are looking at a temperature drop of 30+ degrees and possible snow flurries in two days. My husband I took a long motorcycle ride through the rural counties of Lincoln and Pike in Missouri and Greene, Calhoun, Jersey and Madison Counties in Illinos, and back to St. Charles. 160 miles. I ride with my old Canon EOS 10D (I have a newer Canon EOS 50D) that has certainly “taken a lickin’ and kept on tickin'”. It’s been banged on the ground when I was dumped off the back of the bike and beaten against the bike frame and tire when I forgot I hung it on the back rest and we rode ten miles before I missed it. And although I have had to replace the lens, the rest of it still works great.

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