New Look for Fall

I’ve been struggling the past couple of weeks trying to find the look for my site.  If you’ve visited very often in the past you’ve seen the different looks I’ve tried, with different backgrounds and different headers. I’ve tried a header for summer with the butterfly and the ocean in the background:wordpress-header-butterfly-stroked.jpga more serene view of the bridge at the Missouri Botannical Gardens:cropped-wordpress-header-botannical-gdn-stroked.jpg the balloons at the Forest Park Balloon Glow:wordpress-header-balloon-glow.jpgChihuly balls at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio: cropped-wordpress-header-chihully3.jpgA close-up of flowers:cropped-header-image.jpgAnd most recently, an autumn scene from Steadman, Missouri:img_9512-vibrance-cropped-stroked.jpg

I think I’ve settled for the Steadman, Missouri scene for now, at least until I put up my Christmas theme. What do you think?


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