Sprinkled Chocolate Covered Pretzels

One of the easiest and tastiest treats to make is Chocolate Covered Pretzels. When these first started appearing on grocery shelves a couple years ago, I thought they would not be something I would like. Boy, was I wrong!Chocolate Covered Pretzels
All you need are:

24 oz. package of Chocolate Almond Bark
Bag of Pretzels (any kind)
Shaker of Nonpareils
Double Boiler

Melt the Chocolate Almond Bark in the top half of the double boiler. Although you can use other methods of melting the bark, including directly in a pot on the stove or in the microwave, I’ve found that using a double boiler keeps the chocolate at an even temperature and the chocolate at a consistent dippiness (is that a word??) Dip the pretzels in the chocolate and place on wax paper. Sprinkle chocolate with nonpareils before the chocolate sets. Allow the chocolate to dry and transfer pretzels (except those you are eating) to an air-tight container.

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