Sunday Giggle Time

Need a laugh? Uncle Spike “spiked” up my day.

Uncle Spike's Adventures

Here’s a quick post for a Sunday morning…. Aunty Spike sent me this link just now to share with The Spikey’s after we just spent 15 minutes rolling around in laughter… I know, yes, bit sad perhaps 🙂

Whilst Aunty Spike may be an education professional, she also has a keen sense of humour (or humor if t’other side of pond).




But, I’m a rebel. Always have been. I also spent a long time working as an analyst so my brain always, always challenges the question of ‘ambiguity’.

You know, thinking back to ‘skool days’… you get asked something by some teacher which may not have a clear-cut answer… well these are some wonderful true to life examples.



39 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time


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