Derby Day–Make a Fastinator

IMG_1857 smaller
Ever wanted to make one of those fantastic Fastinators  you see the women wearing on Derby Day? Well, I did. Using some cardboard, a headband, hot glue and miscellaneous craft items I had on hand, I made this Fastinator for the annual fundraising Melodrama my church puts on and that year’s Melodrama was “The Brother’s O’Toole. I thought my character needed a little extra panache so what better way than a Fastinator? And just in case you don’t know what a “Melodrama” is, Webster’s dictionary defines it as

drama in which many exciting events happen and the characters have very strong or exaggerated emotions

I don’t know about exciting events but our characters definitely ham it up.

Using some light-weight cardboard and a saucer for a template, I cut a circle out of the cardboard, cut a triangular notch out of the circle and then stapled the circle back together. Fastinator baseI glued fabric from scraps of the dress I made to the circle and glued the fabric covered circle to a headband. Underside of Fastinator I finished the creation by gluing flowers and feathers on top the fabric. To get the perfect angle of the Fastinator, I tried the headband on. One lesson I learned while doing this is not to try the Fastinator on before the hot glue is completely dry. I ended up gluing it to may hair. Oops!

Wearing the Fastinator at Brother's O'Toole
On stage “The Brothers O’Toole”

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