What’s in a Name—Sign

For some reason, a couple weeks ago, I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to do some painting. I love to paint. It’s so easy to drastically change the look of something by just adding a new color to it. I’ve done it with lots of my furniture and I have to say, I have never regretted it. I posted a couple months back about chalk painting my television stand, a particular piece of furniture I didn’t like, but after seeing the finished product, I have to say I really like it. Since I posted this photo:

20160111_124443 good


I changed the wood-look glass inserts to a frosted floral pattern paper (which I found in the scrap booking aisle) and the knobs to white porcelain and now it has a look I really like.

I was walking around the craft store the other day looking for some inspiration when I came across wooden letters. That got my brain to spinning. My new grandson “Korben” is due to arrive in about a month and I mu daughter-in-law had a baby shower next week. Hmmm. Wooden letters….And inspiration came to me (with a little help from Pinterest).


It was really an easy project. Most of the paint I already had on hand and the only other decorating expense I had  was to buy some fabric puff paint (don’t believe it can’t be used on things other than fabric!) and scrapbooking stick-ons. I simply painted the board and letters and glued them on the board and decorated it.

My granddaughter, who would be turning 14 in just a few weeks ranted about how much she loved this name sign, so….


for her birthday, she got one too. She’s into softball and like all kids, money. I jokingly told her I had just printed the money and hung it on the line to dry. When I was buying supplies for this project, I stumbled across a great deal at Joann Fabrics. Sixty percent off coupon for one item and half priced letters. The board and letters cost me a whopping $11.00. Whoo Hoo for me! I did later spring for a multipack of puff paint, but again—a coupon saved me 40%. If anyone does much shopping at Hobby Lobby, you know that almost every week half their store is 50% off.  The day I went to Hobby Lobby for the knobs,  I was resigned that since I wanted to complete the job, I would pay full price, but much to my delight, the knobs were on sale 50% off. The only discount I couldn’t find was on the money. The bank frowned on that idea. So a little paint, puff paint and scrapbooking stickers and Voila! (That and “parlez vou francais and oui, oui” is my total French vocabulary).

I did remember this time around to put the hangers on the back of the board before I started gluing stuff to it. I didn’t do that with Korben’s sign and found it a little difficult to not smash the puff paint while nailing the hangers on. The board was all natural wood and I painted it a creamy white. I drilled holes for the knobs but found that the screws for the knobs were too long. My husband to the rescue. After tightening down the nuts, he clipped off the protruding length and filed them relatively smooth. I just covered the screws with tape, but I would suggest something a little more permanent such as Plasti Dip, if you have it. This would protect the walls from being scratched.



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