Books, Books and more Books

I read a lot of books, I always have. Even back in grade school, I can remember sitting outside on the lawn reading. It helped that the public library was three blocks from our house and back then, there were no qualms about letting a eight or nine year old walk anywhere. Heck, I walked home from kindergarten. But, I digress…


I recently joined a book club with ladies from my church. So, among the other books I read, I now have one that I’m supposed to read.

I used to buy hardback books and there are a few authors I still buy; Nevada Barr, CJ Box, John Sandford, James Patterson, Harlen Coben, Lisa Scottolini, Nancy Thayer, among others. But I soon realized there just isn’t enough room in my house for that many books. I usually go to the library every two weeks and get books; mostly books my husband (who is a voracious reader–even more so than me) likes and we are so lucky in our area to have a great city/county library system. I can go to any library in the county and check out or return books.

I have gotten addicted to reading books on my Kindle and have a number of apps that offer books for free such as and I read a variety of genre; mystery, fiction, history, romance and some free books I download are good, some not so much.

These blog entries will be dedicated to those books that I read and liked, after all, who really wants to read a book they don’t like (i.e. Huckleberry Finn–9th grade English class).


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