Hosting Book Club–Pt. 2, Finding Space

I’m hosting our Book Club at the end of this month. Follow my journey…start here.
2018-11-08 11.33.55_resized

After I chose the book, my next concern is space. I have what HGTV would term a “starter house” or as your realtor would say “cozy”. It’s only 1250 square feet which doesn’t leave a ton of space for “entertaining”. That’s another one of those words, along with “price point” that I find irritating. To me, if you are “entertaining”, you are doing something other than having people over for dinner; it’s a game night, it’s a movie night, or heck, it’s a pajama party, it’s dancing on the table. And, as far as I know, I’ve never been very “entertaining”, at least not when I’m being me. (Put me on a stage, and I’m a total ham).

Several times over the last couple months, I’ve sat in my living room and mentally tallied how many women I can get in my living room and what furniture will need to be moved and where it will be moved to. I think my last estimation was I could get 14 women in there. That is the max and then we will be “cozy”. Wall to wall, butt cheek to butt cheek. Luckily, we all know each other fairly well, and if we don’t, we will by the end of the night.

Book Club is also a wine club that talks about books. That’s another stresser for me. I know almost nothing about wine. I know that I like a sweet wine, usually a sweet white wine, but when it comes to any other kind, I know nothing.
That is my next learning curve.


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