Mondays with Morie–Episode 9–Cathedral Basilica

Panorama2 small

Among my husband’s wish list of places to visit was the Cathedral Basilica. I didn’t realize that he had never been inside since my brother lived across the street for a number of years and I’ve been there several times. It’s hard to describe when you enter the church and try to absorb the enormity of the beauty that surrounds you on all sides. When we walked through the door, his mouth literally dropped open and the only word he could come up with was “wow”.


One of the smaller chapels
Mosiac work



IMG_7429 straighten
Another smaller side chapel
My husband just standing still trying to take it all in

IMG_7434IMG_7439 cropped

A view from the side near the altar
Looking toward the rear



Construction of the cathedral began on May 1, 1907, and by 1914, enough of the building had been completed to have a dedication ceremony, but it was not fully consecrated until June 29, 1926. Even after the consecration, the mosaics were not completed until 1988.

There is a gift shop on the main floor and a museum in the basement.

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