Mondays with Morie–Episode 8–Nada

If you read my post on last week’s Mondays with Morie, (Episode 7) you will know that I spent last Monday in the hospital where I was finishing my three-day introduction to my fourth heart rhythm medication since March. This last medication, Tikosyn, is the top gun. The FDA requires a three-day hospital ECG monitored dosage (due to the chance of the medication causing a possible fatal arrhythmia) and also a one week’s supply of medication be provided to the patient prior to leaving the hospital as most pharmacies do not keep this drug in stock.

My poor husband sat with me in the emergency room that Friday as I was having my Afib episode and made at least one or two trips each day to the hospital. He’s still working four mornings a week, six hours each day ( and he’s 74),  and he followed that up by working on his truck rolling around on the hard, cold concrete and going to our camping property and hour and a half away to winterize our camper. Of course, nothing seems to go as planned and as he was raising the camper shell, the hydraulic cable broke causing a lot more time and effort to be expended in the winterization.


When our Monday with Morie came about, I suggested to him that we take a short trip to the Cathedral Basilica, a short lunch and then we had a veterinary appointment for our dog. He looked at me kind of dejected and asked if it would be okay if we skipped our Monday excursion for a down day reclining in his chair. I certainly couldn’t fault him for this as I often have to remind him that his aches and pains probably come from the fact that he still does things that many men, much younger than he, do.

Next week, hopefully, we will be back on track for our weekly excursion. I did have to spend another night in the hospital last week for a rather nasty Afib episode, which I regret I did not handle well and exposed him to a very panicked, hyperventilating woman.

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