Mondays with Morie—Episode 12—We Were on a Break

Fans of the iconic television series, Friends, will recognize the phrase “We were on a break”. And if you aren’t, the short story is, Ross and Rachel break up briefly and while they are apart, Ross has an indiscretion with another woman. His excuse was “we were on a break”.

That’s sort of what has been happening here at the Corley house these last few Mondays. We haven’t been able to get back on track after the hunting season and our personal tragedy.  We did manage to make it to the Missouri Botanical Garden, Garden Glow Thanksgiving eve with our youngest son and his girlfriend who were in town visiting over Thanksgiving.

St. Louis is blessed to have one of the best botanical gardens in the United States and for several years during the month of December, visitors are treated to the exquisitely lit gardens where they can stroll through lighted tunnels, and along the floating globes in the reflecting pool. That is my personal favorite. The globes light up and change colors in synchronization with Christmas music.

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