Mondays with Morie–Episode 20–Ah, the Grandkids

sick kid

Finally, a Monday when neither my husband nor I have anything pressing; no appointments, no pressing work that needs to be done around the house, and we’re both feeling good. And that’s good, because it turns out my granddaughter is not. Everywhere we turn it seems that someone has something like flu or sore throat or cough or fever. My son and his wife have just gotten over Influenza A and they think they were able to quarantine themselves enough to keep it away from their kids. I had been over at their house the night before my son came down with the flu, but lucky for me, I’d had a flu shot (one of only three I’ve ever gotten) so I didn’t come down with it.

My son had planned on attending a five-day retreat in Kansas City which helps him deal with his PTSD issues, leaving my daughter-in-law home alone with their kids, a thirteen-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl. My husband and I were discussing what we might like to do on our Mondays with Morie when I got a call from my son. My granddaughter is running a fever, could I possibly come over and take care of her the next day? My daughter-in-law had used all her sick days when she was ill the week before and he was leaving that night. I couldn’t possibly say no, so instead of spending time with my husband, I spent it with my granddaughter.

Unfortunately, it turns out she has strep throat. I have my fingers crossed that I don’t get it. I don’t think there’s a vaccine for that yet.

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