Mondays with Morie–Episode 30–Fur Babies III

lily 052220
This seems to be a common theme with my posts these last few weeks and of course its because we have had to spend a lot of time, energy and money on our little (well, not so little) money pit, Lily.

If you remember from my post for Episode 29, we were told we needed to administer subcutaneous fluids to Lily under the skin between her shoulders. Lucky for us, two of my kids know how to do this, and one lives across the street. My daughter came over every day to administer these fluids and I was so thankful because I just couldn’t imagine sticking that needle in my poor fur baby. We did this every day for a week and on Monday she was scheduled to have the wounds on her arm sutured. I was really looking forward to getting this done because although the wound was not as big as it was, it was still very large and there was at least one other oozing, dripping wound under her arm. When we got to the vet’s office at 7:30 a.m. to drop her off, the technician that met us was one that had treated Lily when she was hospitalized. When I pointed out to her that there was also a wound that needed to be sutured under her arm, she told me that this had been where a drain had been placed and in fact, there as another drain hole beneath the INCISION they’d made to drain the infection. We were never told this and I fault the quarantining, social distancing crud for us not getting adequate information.

After waiting six hours and hearing nothing, I called the animal hospital to check on Lily and was told that the doctor was running behind and would call me as soon as he could. About an hour later, Dr. Lange called and said he had been so pleased with the healing of her incisions that he felt they did not need to be sutured. He said whatever we were doing to keep doing it and reduce the daily subcutaneous fluids to twice a week for the next three weeks.

Poor Lily is getting wise to what we are going to do. Now when we call her to come to us, she doesn’t want to come and when my daughter arrived the other evening to administer the fluids, she rolled over on her back and refused to cooperate. I can’t say as I blame her.

I can tell she is now getting back to normal. Before the infection, each morning after we woke up and after my husband got out of bed, Lily would sit beside the bed looking up with pathetic, begging eyes. We knew what she wanted so we’d spread out a sheet and she’d put her front paws up on the bed and my husband would lift her rear end up so she could get on the bed.

So, yesterday morning, I looked down and there she was, in her “I’m cute and I want to get on the bed” look and I couldn’t say no. I think we’ve really turned a corner. And hopefully, next Monday being Memorial Day, we will finally get to do something fun.

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