We are so thrilled. On Sunday we were able to bring our new baby, Millie, home. She is a yellow labrador that is so light in color she almost looks white. And although she looks white, the American Kennel Club, still considers her a “yellow” lab. She’s a little over ten weeks old and she’s a tank at around 25 pounds. She’s almost too heavy to pick up and carry. When we first saw her when she was six weeks old, her breeder said that she was the largest of the litter and he wouldn’t be surprised if she weighed 125 when she was fully grown. That wasn’t totally intimidating as both Molly and Lillie weighed right around 100 pounds. (Lillie, we discovered several months before she died, had hypothyroidism which accounted for some of her weight.)

We’re in love. My “chicas” not so much. “Baby Kitty” spent the first two days hiding under the bed in the basement but “Momma” kitty let Millie know very soon who was Top Dog, and it wasn’t Millie.

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