Mondays–V4E12–The Great Disconnect

I’ve written before about the disconnect the Great Hunter and I have when we’re expressing ideas. He’ll tell me “hey, I want to do ‘blah, blah, blah ” and even though that’s not what he’s saying,  but most of the time, that is what I’m hearing. He’s like, “what, I have to draw you a picture?” Me, “yeah, you do.” He thinks I’m kidding…I’m not. I’ve told him many times that I’m a visual person. I have to see it and read it and then maybe, I’ll grasp the idea.

And it’s not only projects that we have a disconnect on. It’s just generally things around the house. Yesterday our conversation was:

Me: Can you take me to Lowes so I can get an 8′ 4″x4″ post? I want to make a pole for my solar lights. (He has a truck.)
Him: I thought we were going to take the fence down so I could mow.
Me: Well, I need to go to Lowes because I also need more water seal for the fence.
Him: I need to take the fence down so I can mow.
Me: Oh okay.
Him: So we’re going to take the fence down?
Me: No, I’m going to Lowes and put an 8’ post in my SUV.
Him: Well, can we take the fence down when we get back?

He always says, “See how well we work together?” Of course, my answer is “no, we really don’t.” Generally, we wind up in some sort of argument and I’ll go back in the house or to another room or somewhere. We had that kind of argument when we were putting up the last panel of the fence. That panel was on a steep incline and the far edge of it was buried into the ground. I looked down and right at the tip of the panel was the “buried” electrical wire. I guess it was sort of buried but due to the fact that this corner of our property has a huge tree, another huge tree trunk and numerous large boulders, I guess they buried it as well as they could. Great Hunter decides he’s going to cut off the bottom of the panel, right above the wire using a saws-all. I was appalled.

Me: “Lets take the panel down and then cut it.”
Him: “No, it will be alright.”
Me: “No, please don’t, let’s take the panel down.”
Him: “No, it will be fine.”
Me: “Okay, I’m going in the house, and by the way, this is why women live longer than men.” I don’t know what he ended up doing. He said he took the panel down the next day when I was gone, but whether he did or not, I don’t know. He’s alive, so whatever he did, I guess it worked out.

So after our “discussion” about Lowes and the fence, we did indeed come back and take the fence down. We also got the 8′ post up and I got the solar lights on it and, dern, it’s so cute. And my grass looks so nice. (I’m not looking forward to my water bill though.)



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