Better Living Through Pharmaceuticals – Day Two

foot 052913

I spent a restless night last night. I couldn’t find any way to get really comfortable. The itching side effect from the Vicodin bugged me enough that I decided to take a Percoset. That was the pill Dr. McFarland prescribed for “severe” pain. Well, I wasn’t in pain, actually, I’ve had very little pain, just some burning in the top of my foot, but the itching was keeping me awake. I took the Percoset and then I started feeling like I would stop breathing. Needless to say, that kept me awake too. So this morning, I decided to text Jennifer and see what she thought. Not only was I itching all over, I’m dizzy, I feel fuzzy-headed and my speech is slurred. I was really becoming concerned. After she got my text, she called right away from work and after asking some questions, she started laughing and said “Mom, you’re stoned”. Now, that’s funny. I never thought about the fact that Vicodin is a narcotic drug.

I dreaded the surgery ever since I set it up; was actually scared about it, but now I feel strangely liberated. Maybe it’s because everything is on hold until I heal or that after so long of daily being productive, I am giving myself the right to not be productive. I’ve got projects lined up, at least in my head, that I can do sitting (this blog being one of them). I want to make a Tree of Life pendant, work on my Best of the Internet cookbook, go through my Photoshop User magazines and take out the tutorials (I can never find the one I know I saw in one of the issues when I want it) and maybe work on a Photoshop project (or two). I’ll probably be healed before I get half of them done.

Of course, old work is catching up with me. I have Grand Jury in two weeks, depositions in four weeks, a trial or two in July and also an administrative hearing in Jefferson City in July. I barely gave a shit before I retired, so its very hard to give a shit at all now. I’m mostly concerned that maintain my reputation. I’m going to hit another one of the prosecutors for a business reference, ‘cuz after I’m all done healing, I’m going to start looking for a part time job.

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