Starting to Mend – Day Three

foot 053013

I had a good night last night. I woke up once and my foot was on fire so I hooked up the Empi unit and went back to sleep. I woke this morning without any pain. That was a couple hours ago, and I still have basically no pain. The Empi unit sends electrical impulses into your skin or muscles or nerves or something and its supposed to trick the nerve into behaving differently. When I was going to physical therapy for me knee, they used one there too and I remember I really liked how it felt. Since they gave me extra pads, I think I’m going to hook it up to that tendon problem in my right foot and see how it works there. I’m anxious to see what my foot looks like. I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning for a dressing change. I’m sure it looks like it was run over with a lawnmower.

Yesterday morning I decided I was going to rest in bed. I thought I’d thought of everything and brought the “good” phone in from the kitchen, forgetting that once you are ten foot away from the base unit, the phone doesn’t work. So, of course, the phone started ringing. I tried to answer it with the kitchen phone and that didn’t work. I reached over and got the bedroom phone and, of course, that one didn’t work either. That one ended up smashed on the bedroom floor. The caller quit, but soon was calling again. I hobbled into the computer room and answered the phone using my antique looking phone. I swear when I bought that phone that it worked better than it is working now. I could barely hear the caller and luckily, it was the guy with the Empi unit. Needless to say, once I’m up and getting around well, I’m buying all new phones.

We are supposed to have storms again today and tomorrow. “Chances are going to ramp up” according to the weather forecaster, for severe weather. Nice.

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