One Advantage -Day Eight

IMG_0795 smaller

I ventured out to Walmart today for the first time since my surgery. I did take advantage of my temporary handicapped placard to park right in front of the store. I was going to use the motorized cart but I couldn’t bring myself to use it. All you ever see use it are 300+ pound women. I know that is not a fair characterization, but I with all the sitting I am doing in my chair I feel like my rear end will begin to resemble the chair (you know, like, wide). Anyway, I used a regular push cart, had my list and mostly stayed with what was on the list. By the time I got everything back in the car, and put away at home, I was done in. Luckily, my granddaughter wanted a way to earn some money so I told her she could come over and clean my house for me. I had her do all the vacuuming and had her mop. She’s ten and did a really good job. After she completed that, she helped me make turkey salad. It was nice having some company for a while. But by the time my husband got home for lunch, I was done in. Ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in my chair (all the while my rear is spreading, lol).

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