Pretty as a Petunia, not, lol – Day Nineteen

IMG_0844 smaller
My foot is better today. I kept my boot on all night and haven’t taken it off yet by mid morning. I felt good enough to take advantage of the local plant store’s clearance of all its plants, 40% off, not too shabby, so I bought a couple more petunias, another tomato plant and another pepper plant. I have basically replaced all the vegetable plants I put in when I jumped the gun in April, only to have several nights of frost and near frost temperatures. After I got all the planting done, I had to dig the mud out of the sole of my boot, so I decided to liberate my toes too. The incision on the top of my foot was weeping just a little as the steri-strips are starting to come off. Hopefully it is nothing and my first toe seems to be bend at somewhat an odd angle. Hmmm.

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