Just the Bare Bones – Day Twenty Three

IMG_0859 smaller

So here it is, in all its glory. My foot sans any bandages. My skin is peeling and still discolored and sorta looks like turtle skin and my first toe is crooked. My second and third toe look normal and straight and I’m sure hoping the scabs come off the incision sites soon. That would make a big improvement. I think I wouldn’t recommend the “My Toe” type surgery to anyone unless they had severe hammertoe problems. Mine were less severe, but because of the other problems I had, the torn plantar plate and the fibroma, my doctor said I would need to these toes repaired. Of course, the other option is the surgery where they cut a chunk out of the bone at the joint and then insert a pin down through the bone which sticks out the end of your toe. That looks just awful and supposedly, is not a permanent fix. My doctor did tell me I would no longer be able to climb trees with my toes. She was right.

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