Harley Toes – Day Twenty Two

IMG_5285 smaller

I promised my husband that as soon as I could successfully wear a shoe, we could go for a ride. I had a little difficulty getting on the bike. I always mount the bike by starting with my left foot on the peg and swing my right leg around. It took me a couple tries to figure out the best position for my foot, mostly through fear of placing weight on the ball of my foot. We love to ride through the farmlands in the northeastern portion of our county, the area of the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Our normal ride would be to take the Golden Eagle Ferry across the Mississippi River into Calhoun County, Illinois, through Calhoun County, across the Brussels Ferry into Jersey County. But the highway to the Golden Eagle Ferry is still closed by flood waters so we had to take the long way around; Highway 94 to Highway 67 across the Mississippi River at Alton and then down Highway 100. Highway 100, or better known as “The Great River Road” runs parallel to the Mississippi River for many miles. The town of Grafton, our destination, is still recuperating from the flood waters that rose in the town over the last couple weeks. Some of the buildings on the west side of the highway which abut the Mississippi River still have flood waters lapping on the parking lots including the Hawg Pit barbeque joint, a motorcyle gathering place, where my husband wanted to eat. We ended up eating fried catfish at Beasley Fish Market, which had been my choice to begin with. After we ate, I told him I wanted to memorialize the occasion with a foot picture on the bike.

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