Let the Planning Begin–Halloween Themed Baby Shower

Darrell and Charles 1989 in Batman costumes
Darrell and Charles 1989
I’m not one to plan and host many parties. Not because I don’t enjoy Hosting my family and friends, it’s mainly because my house is rather small and doesn’t have a very open floor plan. I’m always concerned there won’t be enough room for everyone to eat. But my godson is having his first child, so off with my trepidations—let the party planning begin! My brother, his dad, died twenty years ago when my godson was only eight years old, and shortly thereafter, my sister-in-law moved to Tennessee with my niece and nephew.They were gone for over ten years so our contact throughout the years was limited. I thought giving a baby shower for him would be a perfect way to get all the family together for this special occasion and let them know how much we love them and welcome their new addition. Their baby is due the end of November and with everyone’s busy schedule, the shower couldn’t be planned until late in October. My godson happened to mention how much he loved Halloween, so what better theme for a party than a Halloween themed “couples and kids” baby shower.
Baby Shower Invitation
Baby Shower Invitation

So, first things first, the invitation. Years ago, Dear Abby would have advocated sending out the invitation two to three weeks prior to the date of the party, but not in today’s hectic society. If you don’t get on someone’s calendar at least two months in advance, chances are they may already have other plans. I sent mine out five weeks ahead of time to give people plenty of time to pencil us in on their agenda. Now all I have to decide is what kind of decorations? What kind of food? What kind of drinks? Are we going to play games? What kind of games are we going to play? Am I going to have crafts for the kids? Are we going to be inside or outside? What kind of party favors? etc. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m still in the planning. Pinterest here I come!

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