Foot Surgery, Before and After

Left Foot before and After Surgery
Left Foot Before and After Surgery

Its been a little over four months since my foot surgery. Thankfully, most of the feeling has come back into my toes. I still have a little numbness, but nothing like what it was. My before surgery foot picture (on the left) shows the plantar plate split between my first and second toes and the clawing deformity that was beginning in my second and third toes. The after picture (on the right) shows my first and second toes are closer together because the plantar plate has been repaired as well as the straightening of my first, second and third toes. My baby toe is visible for the very first time as it has always laid beneath my third toe. My third toe is the most painful of the toes as the toe joint seems to be turning. That toe I keep taped to pull the joint, hopefully it will straighten a little. I’ll be back at the podiatrist in a couple weeks and I should be released.

Would I do it again? Yeah, I would, even though I can’t keep a flip-flop on my foot (its kinda hard to do when your toes don’t bend to grip). It was worth it.

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  1. Wow, my toes used to look long and skinny, now they look fat and flat (and I can’t climb trees with my toes anymore.

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