I’m Drowning in Email

Stupid EmailDoes anyone like me ever feel this way? Almost daily when I open my email and I see that I have 60 new emails, I feel like, well, not kicking my computer; I’m too much of a tightwad to do anything destructive to my property, but at least pulling the plug. Wow, it never seems like I get caught up. Even with deleting at least half of them unread, the ones I want to read keep piling up. I get emails from beading sites, Photoshop sites, photography sites, recipe sites, website design sites, I could go on and on. And I swear when I took the time to unsubscribe to a bunch of sites, it seemed like I got ten new emails for each one I unsubscribed. Then when I finally take the time to sit and read those emails that have been piling up, I’m never sure the best way to save them. I’m one of those “out of site, out of mind” kind of people, so I know if I merely save the email, I’ll forget it was there or what file I put it in. My solution? I print it, then put it on my desk so I can find another place to put it.

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