Back in the Boot

The toe offenderSo here is the culprit. See that little bump-out on the side of my fourth toe? Yep. That’s where the “Pro-toe” implant has managed to break through the side of my “metatarsal” bone and cause another trip to the surgical center. While she is in there, my surgeon is going to repair my baby toe that has always lain underneath my fourth toe causing extreme burning pain in that toe. Being a person who has worn flat work shoes (including boots) for most of my adult life, I was surprised that I would had a problem with hammertoes. But my hammertoe was not caused by wearing heels or pointy toe shoes. My hammertoe was caused by the splitting of my plantar plate (on the bottom of my foot) that caused my third toe to lay on top of my fourth toe and both my second and third toes to cup. I’m not sure if I would recommend this surgery to anyone or not. The rigidity of my second toe is really bothersome. I don’t seem to notice it in my third toe though. But, I have a friend who had the surgery without the implant and several years later, she is not happy with how her toe seems to be reverting to its previous shape. At least I know mine will never do that. (Golly, my skin is really wrinkled!)

After surgeryOutpatient surgery has almost become drive through. I arrived at noon in plenty of time for my 1:00 p.m. surgery. The paperwork was filled out ahead of time; I only needed to sign a couple forms, then into the surgery prep area. They have it down to an art. Blood pressure, temp, oxygen saturation, IV started, into the surgery suite where you have about five minutes of consciousness until they wake you 45 minutes later.  They use  the anesthetic “Propofol”  which takes you in and out of consciousness very easily with very few side effects (unless, of course you have Conrad Murray as your doctor). I was pleased to find out she did not put a “pro-toe” implant in my baby toe, only straightened the bone, and of course, removed the offending “pro-toe” implant from toe #4. I was up and out of there and home by 3:00 p.m. Now bed rest for 48 hours.


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