Weekly Photo Challenge: Object (II)

Spaghetti Splat
Spaghetti Splat

The local grocery store ran a special on spaghetti sauce. Only $1 a jar if you bought four. What a great deal! But this is what happens when the bagger puts all four glass jars of  sauce in the same plastic bag. I didn’t make it fifteen steps before the bag broke and the jars started falling out and hitting the concrete porch, splattering spaghetti sauce on the porch, my shoes and even the vinyl siding on the house. Luckily I was able to keep the other two jars from falling out.  Not to be one to waste $2, I promptly returned to the store, armed with my receipt and this photo to request the jars be replaced. I have to commend the grocery store as they replaced the  jars without any question (including who the bagger was). Of course, if my son hadn’t taken over my garage to work on the newest addition to his car fleet, I would have been able to pull into the garage and make it into the house and probably would have gotten the jars on the table before the bag broke. Then again, the mess might have ended up on the kitchen floor. I will definitely be more vigilant the next time; save myself a lot of clean up and a return trip to the store.

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