Owl Be Seeing You


It’s funny how they say that once you’re retired, you don’t know how  you got everything accomplished that you did when you were working full time. That is so true. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do plus all the things I need to do (plus an occasional nap and binge watching Netflix). I find that what suffers most is my housework. I always feel like tomorrow is another day; I can do it then but in the meantime, large fluffs of love (better known as dog hair) accumulate in all the corners of my house. I’ve made several projects over the last couple weeks, but I just haven’t found time to put them on this blog.

This simple little eight warp beaded Kumihimo bracelet made with clear, silver lined 8mm beads, was inspired strictly because of this magnetic clasp I found. And what’s doubly nice about this bracelet is that it seems that no matter what type of bracelet I wear, the clasp always ends up on the top of my wrist and now it doesn’t matter since the clasp is the focal point.

One problem I did find was the glue holding the magnet failed the first time I wore  the bracelet but after gluing it back in with E6000 glue, it seems to be holding.

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