Glass Etching, Monogram on Wine Glasses

wine glass 8x14

This is my third attempt using Silhouette Glass Etching cream. Not ever having used etching cream before, my first attempt was much less than pleasing. I had designed a three letter monogram for a set of four wine glasses to give my daughter-in-law for Christmas. The glass was less round than this one and my stencil was round. I had a lot of bleeding of the cream beneath the stencil making for a fairly disastrous outcome.

My second try was a three initial serif font monogram on “rocks” glasses. These turned out very well because the glasses were evenly round.

rocks glass

In this, my third attempt, I designed the stencil in an oval hoping that the lack of roundness would eliminate the bleeding under the stencil. I only leave the cream on for 60 seconds after I have finished applying it, scrape the remainder off and rinse the glass immediately. You can tell there was just a small amount of bleeding beneath the stencil, so I am pleased.

This set of glasses I made as a birthday gift for my son’s girlfriend. Because everyone that knows me knows I am very frugal, I made her a “Poor Man’s Picnic” basket with the types of things I would buy: A bottle of wine from St. James Winery, a Missouri Winery, store brand Cheeze Whiz and Ritz crackers.  The girlfriend is from Italy and had never had spray cheese before so she was in for a treat!
poor mans picnic basket

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