Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl


I often see things advertised and decide “I want that” knowing I’ve never used the product before and it’s two steps beyond my experience level . That’s what I did when I saw this bundle pack of Marea Premium glitter heat transfer vinyl. It sat in my Cameo “goody” box for nine months until I decided to try it last week. What a treat it was! Easy to work with, easy to weed and it looks awesome!


Some things I learned: Whatever you do, don’t forget to flip your image before you cut it! Otherwise, you’ll end up like I did, wasting a whole sheet of vinyl on an image which would have been backwards.

The second thing I learned, and I’m not really sure I  learned this, is silhouette by default renders double cut lines on imported jpgs. I found how to almost fix it using the high pass, low pass filter, but this article explains it better than I could ever hope to.

The third thing I learned is when arranging the design on your fabric using several different pieces, make sure the clear plastic coating from one element isn’t underneath another element. That’s what happened on this shirt. If you look at the “M” in Megan, you’ll see that the top of the letter is missing. That’s because the clear plastic from the heart above it was beneath the letter “M” and the vinyl adhered to the plastic. I got lucky here, it could have ruined the entire thing.

I will definitely be using this again. It was so much fun!

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