The company I work for blocks most everything on the internet that has anything to do with social networks or entertainment and probably other things I haven’t even thought of. But other than that, we are allowed to do basically whatever we want while we’re at work as we are secluded in a small building for ten plus hours each day and are waiting strictly for customers and generally don’t have any other duties. I was perusing Amazon a couple months back when I happened to click on Prime Videos. To my shock and amazement, videos were not blocked and I discovered I could pass the time watching myriads of videos on Prime!

On Amazon Prime…two seasons following England’s Queen Victoria….

England’s Queen Victoria was crowned when she was 18 years old after the death of her father and his three brothers leaving no other legitimate heirs. She married her first cousin (something that is now taboo in most parts of the United States) and they went on to have nine children.

This Prime series currently has two full seasons and season three is just now beginning. If you are interested in English history, you will find this series very enjoyable and informative.

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