Monday’s with Morie–Episode 3–Colonoscopy!

For our third “Mondays with Morie” we did the most fun thing of all…a colonoscopy for my husband. What could be more fun than that? Two years ago my husband had what he thought was his last colonoscopy. He’s 74 and apparently, colonoscopies aren’t done after a certain age. I was told many years ago that if you had a colonoscopy every five years, you would never die from colon cancer. I’ve also read that it takes a polyp ten to fifteen years to become cancerous. states:

A polyp is a growth of tissue on the lining of the colon and rectum that projects into the intestines. People with colon polyps usually have no symptoms. Most colon polyps are harmless, though some types can become cancerous. Polyp removal is the best way to treat colon polyps and prevent cancer from developing.


I started having colonoscopies every five years at the age of 40 because I lost both my dad and my older brother to colon cancer when they were in their 40s; my dad was 45 and my brother was only 40. That, of course, puts me in the high-risk category.

Most everyone knows the worse part of the colonoscopy if the preparation the night before. It has gotten better than the first time I had one when I had to drink an entire gallon of the nasty tasting liquid. Thank goodness for that.

The good news for our Monday with Morie is there was nothing concerning on his colonoscopy and he was again told he would never have to do another one.

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