Mondays with Morie–Episode 5–History Museum

Missouri History Msuem
I have to say I’m surprised we have kept our “Mondays with Morie” going for five weeks, well, technically four since I don’t think a colonoscopy counts as an outing. We’ve been taking turns choosing where we want to go, so this week was my choice; the Pulitzer Prize photographs at the Missouri History Museum.

mo hist museum

I have been an avid photographer for over 45 years dealing mainly with outdoor photography and occasionally foraying into wedding and engagement photos. I admire photojournalists because of their courage to go where the world’s events are happening. Since I don’t have that courage, I’d have to settle for being in the right place at the right time.

The Pulitzer Prize for photography is awarded annually in two different categories; Breaking News and Feature.

The Pulitzer display is part of a traveling exhibit from the Newseum in Washington, featuring photos that have been honored with Pulitzers since they began in 1942. St. Louis Post Dispatch, August 2, 2019

Thomas Jefferson, from the front and rear.
20190923_122744 cropped2

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