Busy Hands Happy Heart

20190920_170921 cropped2

Back in the 1980s, counted cross stitch was all the rage and as with most crafty things, I got into it all the way. I had thread in every color of the rainbow and created many intricate designs that I gave to friends.  I made this rather simple design and gave it to my mom.

I’m sure I got my creativity gene from her. If she wanted something done, it got done. I remember when she moved into her new (to her) house there was a pony wall she didn’t like, so in short order, she took it down.  Mom taught me to embroider when I was young and I have a large tablecloth I use each holiday that she embroidered. I don’t believe she ever got into counted cross-stitch but she was a whiz with the sewing machine.

After mom died, this pillow was one of the things I wanted from her personal effects. Some dog, either hers or mine, had chewed one end of the pillow and the back of the pillow was torn. I recently found it again in the bottom of a storage bin and decided to bring it back to life. I always think of mom when I look at it and wish I could have what I don’t.

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