Mondays with Morie—Episode 13—Best Laid Plans

With Christmas over and the pace slowing down a bit, I told my husband I really wanted to get back into the groove of our Monday outings. We’ve missed quite a few Mondays for one reason or another and my fear is that we won’t get back to spending some quality one on one time. My argument was that next week he’s back out being the great white hunter and the following week, I will be recovering from my cardiac ablation.

Last week here in the St. Louis area was much warmer than normal and one day we were within one degree of tying the record at 70 degrees. Christmas day was warm enough and I’d had the oven going long enough, that I ended up opening the windows and turning on the ceiling fan. Of course, a cold front came in last night and the temperatures are back to seasonal norms.

One of the places my husband expressed interest in visiting was the Daniel Boone Home, about twenty miles away from our home in the beautiful rolling hills in the southwest corner of our county. This four-story “Georgian” style stone home located in Femme Osage, was actually the home of Daniel’s son, Nathan Boone. Daniel and his wife came to Missouri from Kentucky in 1799. Nathan and his wife built the home and Daniel and his wife lived on land about four miles away. Daniel Boone died of natural causes (other sources say from acute indigestion) on September 26, 1820, at Nathan Boone’s home on Femme Osage Creek.
The home is now owned by St. Charles County having been gifted by Lindenwood University to the county. I made sure the night before to check that the home was open today as many places aren’t open on Mondays. So I was very pleased to see that it was open! We drove the twenty-plus miles only to find that I had obviously misread my information and although it is open on Mondays, that doesn’t include the winter months!

We ended up making a big circle, driving the country highways until we returned back to the interstate and ended our Monday with Morning at Outback Steakhouse for lunch. Although our planned outing did not come about, it was still nice to spend a couple hours just the two of us. We will definitely try this again.

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