Mondays with Morie–Episode 25–Masking Easter

mask meI lay in bed at night and think of all the clever things I’m going to write, but by the time I get up in the morning, all that profound verbiage has completely flown the coup. Since we are all under a stay at home order, my husband and I have not had very many opportunities to get out, but at least Monday was sunny and we took advantage of the sunshine and sat in the backyard and played fetch with our dog and talked about the day before.

I’m sure our Easter was pretty much like what most people experienced. It was the first time in my life that I did not attend church services on Easter, and in fact, for the last fifteen years, I’ve sung in the choir and we’d sing at three out of the four services on Easter morning. Needless to say, I was somewhat lost that day.

Originally, my daughter, who lives across the street and is a hospital nurse, was going to come over for dinner with her teenage kids. We were going to be socially distancing with her and her kids at one end of the table and my husband and I at the other. We later decided since she is so exposed to the Covid virus at the hospital, that she would stay home,  her kids would come over and I’d send a plate to her house. That in itself was really hard.

My husband and I mostly carried on as though it were any other Sunday which means he does the laundry. He started doing the laundry about twenty years ago because he didn’t like the way I did it. Since he always went to the laundry mat, his idea of doing the laundry was folding it up as soon as it came out of the dryer. Me, on the other hand, folding laundry is what you did while you were watching television that evening.

scrub caps

The other thing I did was finish up the last of six scrub caps I was making for my daughter to take to work to give to her co-workers. The nurses are given disposable caps to wear but many of them were looking for a way to protect their hair once they remove the disposable ones. I’ve made ten scrub caps and a dozen masks for many of my family and friends, and, of course, the most popular mask I made was the St. Louis Blues mask.

So, on this Monday with Morie, once again my husband and I stayed home and just did things around the house. I sewed and he puttered around. Well, there were other things we did that I won’t talk about (wink, wink). Sometimes, it’s nice to have the house to ourselves.


  1. Your Easter Sunday sounds familiar – we had to watch our service on YouTube. Nevertheless, Christ is risen! Like you, I sometimes draw a blank. And this morning, my pastor emailed me asking for advice because he was stuck trying to write his blog. Keep on. What you write is interesting.

  2. Thank you. My church also offered a service on-line but I didn’t see it. Our choir has been meeting on Zoom on our normal rehearsal night, and although we haven’t tried any singing, at least a lot of us getting a chance to see each other and share a little of our lives.

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