Wastin’ the Day

wastin the day

My daughter is a nurse in a local hospital in the medical/surgical unit. About four weeks ago, it was decided that her floor and another floor would become the dedicated COVID-19 rule out/treatment floors.  This is really a scary prospect for her and her children and the rest of us who love her. She assured me that everything possible was being done to safeguard all the health care workers. One piece of the personal protective equipment (PPE) they are required to wear is disposable hairnets. She said that one concern the nurses had was when they removed the disposable hairnets, their hair was exposed to any possible germs that may have been on the hairnet. To help cut down on this possibility, she asked me if I would be able to make her some scrub caps to wear beneath the disposable hairnets.

I was able to find a pattern I liked that fit well, so I ended up making quite a few of them. All her co-workers who saw her cap wanted one. She provided most of the fabric and both she and I sewed caps for a week.

After cutting the scrub caps I had plenty of scraps leftover. I decided I wanted to make my daughter a commemorative pillow using the material scraps. I came up with this pillow idea using the Dresden plate design. I was able to “fussy cut” one flower for the center from one of the pieces of colorful fabric.

After sewing all the pieces of the Dresden plate, I decided the design still needed something else and I came up with “Wastin’ the Day Again in Covidville 2020”. I used my Cameo Silhouette to design the wording and cut them out of purple metallic heat transfer vinyl.

Luckily, with most of the fabric and craft stores being closed, everything in the pillow was things I already had in my sewing room. I had purchased the 16″ round pillow form for no specific project when it was on sale. The green piping was left-over quilt binding and the cord inside the piping was parachute cord I used in making bracelet making.


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