Mondays with Morie–Episode 35–Just at Home

When Earl and I sat down Sunday to decide what we wanted to do on our “Monday with Morie”, we just both kind of looked at each other and said, “well, if it’s the same with you, I’d just as soon stay home and get some things done”. So it was decided. We’d spend the day finishing up some projects before the week got started.

First on Earl’s agenda was finishing up the removal of tile and paneling in the downstairs bedroom in preparation for the installation of the drain tiles along the basement wall. As you can see, we’ve had a lot of repairs on this wall; anchors and horizontal and vertical crack repair. We had to remove two foot of floor tile along all the walls so the concrete can be broken up and the drain tile installed and connected to the sump pump. Hopefully, we will then have a completely dry basement, and if we don’t I’m not sure what the next step would be.


We were really concerned about how difficult the first layer of tile was going to be to get up seeing as it’s been down on the floor for probably forty years. Luckily, with a heat gun and a little elbow grease, it came up pretty fast. Now all we have to do is get the drain tiles put in and then repair the walls and floor in time for my son and his girlfriend when they come home next month.

Of course, once that project was finished, I asked him to cut some boards for me because I had decided I wanted to build a quilt ladder. I can use the chop saw, but since he was home and he was available….and I’m such a prima dona…

After he cut the boards it took just a little time and a drill and sander and I was in business. I even decided that I needed to recut all the rungs because they were too wide and used the chop saw myself.

quilt ladder

Now I’ll have something I can display some of my smaller quilts on instead of just stacking them in a closet.

Several weeks back, I had sewn another Kimberly Ann Memory Bear for my step-daughter but had never gotten around to stuffing it. My husband was leaving on Tuesday to join his daughter at his grandson’s high school graduation, so my evening chore was to stuff the bear and sew the seams so he could take it with him and give it to her.

crystal bear

Hopefully, next week we can plan an outing. Things are gradually opening back up and I’m constantly on the lookout for additional outdoor venues to spend our “Mondays with Morie”.

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