Mondays with Morie–Episode 35–Drain Tile

We’re finally into summer. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer summer to winter, but this year due to the heart rhythm medication I have to take, I have become sun-sensitive. Just short exposure to the sun causes the back of my arms (what a weird place to have a reaction) to begin burning and without some type of hat, my face burns too.

With the weather heating up, it has been more challenging to find things to do for our Monday excursions. The combination of the heat, many places being closed on Mondays, and restrictions and reservation requirements, I’ve been having some difficulty coming up with things to do. So, again on this Monday, we are staying home, just doing home stuff. Earl is chomping at the bit to get the basement put back together, but we were told that we needed to wait at last two weeks before putting the footer boards (is that right?) on top of the drain tiles and to not use anything but liquid nail.

The drain tile went in last Wednesday and it took most of the day with three men working on it. We were fortunate that we only needed to have drain tiles put on one wall.

The naked wall with the anchor that was the first correction of the basement problem 13 years ago
The drench being dug for the drain tile
The drain tile being laid
Fresh cement poured over the drain tiles

My son and his girlfriend are coming in for a short visit in two weeks so we have a little bit of a time crunch. Since it is summer, the lack of insulation in the wall won’t be a problem for them. We’re still hoping to put the room back together, at least most of the way before they get here.

I don’t feel too bad that we aren’t doing something this Monday. We have Monday plans for the rest of the month so we will have plenty to keep us busy.