Anticipation. That sort of sums up where we are at the moment. We’re anticipating our flight Sunday out to Virginia to spend time with my son and his wife and…even more, we are anticipating the arrival the following Sunday of our new fur baby, Millie. We’re so excited. The breeder has been sending us pictures of baby Millie and she is just adorable. I almost want to cry, I want her so badly. I was teasing my son that he was lucky I loved him more than the puppy, or I wouldn’t be coming out. He said, “geez, thanks Mom”.

I’ve been talking to my little “chicas” (better known as my cats) and telling them they are going to have a new sibling so hopefully, they won’t be too mad when we bring her home. I’m not too hopeful, at least at first. “Baby Kitty” is not very fond of anyone besides the Great Hunter and me in her home. Whenever anyone comes around, she beats feet beneath the bed or to the basement. “Momma Kitty” is more friendly and generally will come around to anyone. She’s just hoping if she’s nice enough, someone will give her something to eat.

Here are some of the photos of our adorable baby. She currently lives on 12 acres and they have a creek in the back of their property she likes to play in. Since she’s the only one of her litter left, she’s a little lonely. The breeder says that she’s such a loveable little girl that both her husband and granddaughter have taken turns playing with her and would like to keep her. Not happening. Lol.

My baby chicas will definitely have competition.  They have us all to themselves now and to be honest, we don’t know what we would have done without them these last few months. They are so entertaining and each has such individual personalities.  And since  I’m always singing something, of course, they had to have their own song. My anthem to them is:

“Chicas de mio,
Mi cortazon.
Moreno y negro,
Amore de mi vida”

By the way, if you don’t speak Spanish (and I don’t very well) it means “Girls of mine, My heart, brown and black, Love of my life.” I know, very lame.

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