Mondays–V2E36–Aerie’s Winery

What could be more fun on a hot sunny Sunday than a ride on the Skylift in Grafton to the top of Aeries Winery? Ok, so maybe there may be other things that are more fun, but we did this last Sunday and it was pretty cool. (And just as an aside, did you ever think about how words like “cool”, “neat”, “rad”, or “phat” came to mean something good? I wonder about things like that.)

We had intended only to ride the motorcycle to Grafton by way of the ferry and eat lunch at the Grafton Winery. But when we got off the ferry, I saw the Skylift. Ding, ding, ding! That’s what I wanted to do. The Great Hunter was hungry, so lucky for me, there was a restaurant at the winery, so he didn’t object.

A pleasant ride up with good food and good food prices, good view, good wine and good live music made it really…good. It was a little warm (actually hot) on the deck, but we were under an umbrella and there was a nice breeze. I enjoyed a glass of wine so much, I decided to really splurge and buy a bottle to take home. I’m a notorious penny pincher (but a good tipper) so when the lunch tab came to $78 with tip, I sort of regretted not asking the price of the bottle of wine before I bought it. Bottle of wineThen when I got it home, I realized that it wasn’t even the right bottle of wine, but it’s a sweet red wine, so I’m sure I’ll be able to choke it down (lol).

We stood in line to catch the skylift back down to the parking lot. There’s a sign at the skylift that warns that the lift doesn’t stop for embarking or disembarking passengers, so you have to be ready when the seat reaches your rear end to plop it down and raise your feet. I was really happy that I got on without any problem, but then I promptly knocked my purse off the chair and to the ground below. Crap. (Although I think I might have said something a little stronger.) Luckily, one of the workers was able to retrieve it and hand it to me in just enough time that I could still reach it.

It was very warm and sunny and although I know I’m supposed to be careful being in the sun due to the cardiac medication I take which makes me sun sensitive, I don’t always think about it. The lift was very slow and by the time we were about halfway down, I knew that I was in trouble. I’d worn jeans (to protect my leg from the heat of the motorcycle muffler) and the sun was so hot, it was burning my legs. There was no shade on the way down or in the line to catch the ferry back across the Mississippi. Luckily, I had a light jacket in the saddlebag so at least I was able to cover my arms and I’d put my helmet back on to keep the sun off my head. By the time we were on the ferry, my heart rate had gone up to 129 bpm and I was really wondering if I was going to make it home. Luckily, once we got on the bike and riding, I  cooled down enough that my heart rate returned to an acceptable rate (still high for me, but at least in the normal range.)

When I got home and tallied things up,  with the ferry toll, the skylift ride, the food and the wine, our quick trip for lunch cost over $100. Oh well, it was fun.

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